Social Analysis and Research Services

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Terms and Costs

Life is full of quick fix, short term solutions that patch over problems, only for them to re-emerge later. Real problem solving requires an investment of time and commitment.

Our program, both individual development and business solutions, supports this investment and supports you towards effective personal development solutions.

If you decide to use the Pathways to Individual Development solutions, the minimum booking is for an introductory session. This will cost £55. Each session lasts 55 minutes or 3 email responses plus one telephone consultation. Each session after the initial assessment session will cost £45.

The sessions can take place either online, by phone or face to face by booked appointment in Central Manchester.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card online using Paypal or by personal cheque or cash. When we discuss the terms you will be sent details of how to pay. The entry on your credit card statement will simple read 'Social Analysis and Research - Phase 1'. Alternatively you can pay by personal cheque or cash in advance by previous arrangement. Please let us know which payment method you prefer when making an initial enquiry.

For Research, Business or Service Provider enquiries please call 07925 552553 .

Individual Terms

Following an initial enquiry, we will respond to explain the service, cost and what this service will require of you.

If you agree to use the service, we will send a contract of understanding, which outlines what we have agreed. You must sign and return this contract before the service starts. This is to protect us both from any misunderstanding. If you are using the online service, you must send an email confirming that you accept the agreement from your personal email address.

All interviews will be as confidential as possible. If an individual uses the service, your interview and any further service provided with be confidential between yourself and the consultants at Social Analysis and Research Services. If you use the online service you are responsible for providing a secure email address for receipt of our emails and reports.

All payments are non-refundable. Our professional opinions and recommendations are based entirely on the information you have given us. All reports are on an advisory basis and any action taken outside the consultancy environment on the basis of the reports or guidance is the client's responsibility.