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Pathways for service providers and service users

The natural crossroads for people who are experiencing difficulties is to seek support. A network of organisations provide a safety net for people with a range of trauma and crisis and these are often called Service Providers. These can include social services, emergency services, after care services, legal services and medical services. The people who become engaged in this network are Service Users.

We aim to assist service providers and service users by bridging barriers. We work with service users as individuals and, with their full consent, convert their experiences into research tool for service providers. With our expertise in nonhierarchical interviews to diffuse the power dynamic, we will produce data rich accounts and enable people without a voice in society to become empowered by expressing themselves. The benefits to the individual are empowerment and personal development skills and service providers gain experience of the commonalities of experience which illustrate where preventative interventions can operate.

In times of trauma and crisis when practical help is necessary this relationship is essential. In the weeks, months and year following trauma and crisis some service users continue to experience after effects of the trauma. It is at this time services such as Social Analysis and Research can help.

The engagement between service providers and service users is often a relationship that can provide an information-rich environment for experience based accounts and ways to learn from these accounts. The fruits of this can be prevention of future crisis and trauma and and avenue for victims of crisis and trauma to gain a voice and become a survivor.


Our Pathways

Our social analysis and research services are conceptualised and operated by experienced researchers. More details can be found on our research page.

We offer three pathways: