Social Analysis and Research Services

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Previous Work

Consultants involved in Social Analysis and Research have worked in a number of environments including women's health, identity construction, domestic violence interventions, regeneration, youth work, men's health and business organisation. Our consultants undertake varied work including creative orientated solutions and organisational problem solving projects as well as research and guidance programs.

Below are examples of projects:

Guidance and Research Solutions

Social Analysis and Research consultants are experienced researchers. Below is an example of recent research conducted:

An Autobiography of Health

The research presents a qualitative exploration of the ways in which perimenopausal women construct and re-construct their health identity. A reflexive approach to the research grounds this study in the North West of England, in a socially and economically deprived regeneration area in the UK. This enables the voices of previously unheard women to shine through the research in a person-centred account of health identity construction. The resulting research conclusion and model will be published in the book Identity, Health and Women: a critical social psychological perspective (Palgrave Macmillan) in 2010 available on Amazon now.

Identity, Health and Women

In addition to this health based work, work is also carried out in relation to loss. This has included work with the families of missing people and work with service men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who have suffered loss.

Creative Solutions

Social Analysis and Research incorporates creativity with guidance and encourages everyone on the pathways to solutions to express themselves creatively. In consultation with service users solutions can be found in the form of voice. Examples of this are writing, drama and art projects, creation of websites and personal development based on creative solutions.

Domestic Violence Website

Working with a service providing help for women who have experienced domestic violence, this project produced a website which carries a helpline and other useful information.

Urban Tripe

Urban Tripe is a poetry project originated from a youth centre and coordinated by youth services. Twelve young people who were service users contributed to a twelve week session of poetry writing that culminated in a poetry newsletter and a public performance. Service users were empowered by finding a voice within a structured program and being able to perform this voice in a safe environment with positive feedback. the poetry also provided a research tool for service providers to look at the commonalities of experience for the youngsters.

Organisational Solutions

Discrimination Consultation

Work covering the negotiation of discrimination legislation and how these affect employers and employees was undertaken. Although this area may seem straightforward, barriers to full acceptance of discrimination laws is problematic in some organisation. Social Analysis and Research consultants have negotiated the bridging of these barriers and diffused resistance to compliance.

Workshops and Seminars

Social Analysis and Research Services provide workshop and seminars in different aspects of training such as assertiveness, confidence, anxiety control, personal development strategies, non-hierarchical interviewing and narrative research methods.

Our Pathways

Our social analysis and research services are conceptualised and operated by experienced researchers. More details can be found on our research page.

We offer three pathways: