Social Analysis and Research Services

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Our methodology

Qualitative, holistic methodology is the basis of our working practise and our methods are narrative in nature. This means that we listen to stories of lived experience and interpret these narrative accounts in a way that reflects the context of the personal, interpersonal and situated landscape.

Data Collection

This involves the construction of a non-hierarchical interview situation where the power dynamic is equally balanced. The advantage of this method of data collection is that in situations such as the workplace or surgery setting, the power dynamic is complex and unequal because of professional hierarchy.

However, the use of consultants who are paid a fair rate for their work and bring a holistic, balanced training ethic to the interview encounter diffuses the hierarchy as far as possible with the individual.

This balanced environment brings better communication and research has shown that in this situation more information-rich data is possible.

Breaking down barriers to solutions

The contents of the interview are transcribed and investigated for themes which are problematic, either in individual cases or across organisations. Recognition of these themes exposes negative beliefs and barriers that stand in the way of solutions. Understanding these negative beliefs and barriers provide alternative positive understandings and lead to solutions.

Social Analysis

We use the data we have collected to focus on the research question, relative to the area of prescribed social research. This social analysis is an unbiased account of the research we have carried out and we will provide interim position reports and a final outcome report. We are also able to analyse existing data.

Individual Recommendations

Our initial report covers indications of problem areas and recommendations for possible solutions. This interpretive opinion is based on the data provided and the reflexive stance of the consultant and is not a definitive and all encompassing guideline for solution. We will work with you towards idenitfying a solution.