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Pathways to Individual Development

If you are experiencing difficulties in life and need help to gather coping skills or to learn about yourself through personal development, or maybe you just want to feel better about yourself and your situation, call 07925 552 553 to make an appointment. If you would prefer to work anonymously by email, please email We will endeavour to provide skills and tools to help you to research your problems for lasting results.
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There are times in all our lives when problems arise. Some are huge problems, some are small problems. Even if we know what is causing our difficulties, it can be difficult to find acceptance and to recognise that we need to change in some way to deal with the situation we find ourselves in.

Change is difficult because often we do not know exactly what has to be changed. Even when we do know what we need to change for our lives to move in a happier direction, negativity makes this change difficult. So we are not so much lacking the will or need to change, but the tools and positive outlook needed to challenge for change.

Individual personal development solutions aim to help you to identify areas of your life that are open to change, develop tools and strategies to recognise these areas and effect the change.